Before Snowfall

Hisham Zaman

Germany, Norway, Iraq 2013, 105 min.


Spoken language: Kurdish

Subtitles: English

Dutch premiere

Festival year: 2014

Exciting road movie about traditions, love, honor and friendship. Sixteen-year-old Siyar chases his sister from Iraqi Kurdistan with its sandy stretches to Norway’s snow-white slopes in order to protect his family’s honor.



How far can you go to save your family’s reputation? Sixteen-year-old Siyar goes to great lengths to find his sister, who is fleeing arranged marriage. The teenager sets out on a dangerous and expensive journey from a remote village in Iraqi Kurdistan through Istanbul and Berlin, all the way up north to cold Oslo. Faced with western customs, Sivar is culturally torn between both worlds. In Istanbul he meets homeless Evin, who survives in the streets of the big city, hoping to one day be reunited with her father in Berlin. The crossing to the wealthy West is dangerous and expensive, however. When the opportunity presents itself, Evin decides to join Siyur, and a special friendship develops between them. She is unaware of his dark intentions, though. Powerful, award-winning debut movie by Kurdish-Norwegian director Hisham Zaman.





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