No Enemies

Trish McAdam

Ireland 2013, 5 min.

Animation, Short

Spoken language: English

Festival year: 2014

Touching, illustrated adaptation of a passage from the statement made by Nobel Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo during his trial in 2009. A humane statement and declaration of love in one.


The Chinese activist Liu Xiaobo was sentenced to eleven years in prison for his involvement in drafting a manifest for democratisation in China. The passage is basically a declaration of love to his wife Liu Xia, who was placed under house arrest by the Chinese authorities. The statement is recited by Salman Rushdie, Seamus Heaney, Ariel Dorfman, Mark Kilroy and Adam Shapiro.

No Enemies will only be screened during the Award Ceremony. This is an invitation only event.



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