Getting Justice: Kenya's Deadly Game of Wait and See

Lucy Hannan / Maina Kiai

Kenya, Rwanda 2009, 64 min.


Spoken language: Swahili, English

Subtitles: English

Festival year: 2010

In the wake of the 2007 elections Kenya was swept by a wave of violence, killing more than thousand people. Hundreds of thousands of Kenyans were forced to flee their homes. 'Getting Justice: Kenya’s deadly game of wait and see' tries to identify who were responsible for the violence and how they can be brought to justice.
Filmmaker Maina Kiai, one of Kenya’s most prominent human right defenders, speaks with the perpetrators, victims and experts and pays a visit to Louis Morero Ocampo, the first Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.
Now that the calm has been restored the Kenyan government is reluctant to start trials. Many Kenyans have little faith in their legal system. They would prefer to see the defendants stand trial before the International Court of Justice. Kiai explores possible ways of reconciliation.
Human rights defender and director Maina Kiai will be present at the festival.