Cargo 200

Masha Novikova / Margreet Strijbosch

Netherlands, The 2015, 52 min.


Spoken language: Russian, Ukrainian

Subtitles: English

World premiere

Festival year: 2015

Every day, Russian soldiers perish in the war in Ukraine – a war that has not officially been declared. Their bodies are secretly returned to Russia under the code name ‘cargo 200’. Instead of a hero’s funeral, an anonymous grave awaits them.


The battlefield of the undeclared war in Ukraine takes its daily toll of casualties. Who are those conscripts, mercenaries and officers that take up arms for Russia in Ukraine? Why are they willing to put their lives at stake? Reporters who write about them being buried secretly are threatened and molested, and the name signs on the military graves have been replaced by numbers. The families of survivors are subject to intimidation by the secret service and dare not speak out.