Mugabe and the White African

Lucy Bailey / Andrew Thompson

Namibia, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, South Africa 2009, 94 min.


Spoken language: English

Festival year: 2010

Zimbabwe was once the breadbasket of Africa, but the policies of Robert Mugabe brought that to an end years ago. The expropriation of land from white farmers that occurred under land reform programmes has had disastrous consequences: not only for food production in Zimbabwe, but also for the rule of law.
'Mugabe and the White African', by Lucy Bailey and Andrew Thompson, is an impressive portrait of one of the last white farmers in Zimbabwe, Mike Campbell.
Campbell and his family refuse to bow down to Mugabe’s policy of expropriation. They have brought a lawsuit against the Zimbabwean government to an international court. The family is constantly intimidated. They get regular 'visits' from a man in a brand new car who comes to claim the land in the name of ‘the poor black workers’. In their struggle for justice, they are willing to make great personal sacrifices.


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