Stories of Our Lives

Jim Chuchu

Kenya 2014, 60 min.


Spoken language: Swahili, English

Subtitles: English

Dutch premiere

Festival year: 2015

Artists’ collective The Nest from Nairobi collected five life stories of LGBTs in Kenya in a courageous and poetic portrait that bears witness to love and recalcitrance. The Kenyan authorities did not appreciate the film’s success at international festivals, including Toronto and Berlin, and arrested one of the producers.


In five short stories entitled ‘Duet’, ‘Run’, ‘Ask Me Nicely (Itisha Poa)’, ‘Each Night I Dream’ and ‘Stop Running Away’, the filmmakers poetically depict the dangers associated with fighting for the rights of gay and lesbian people in modern-day Kenya. Just like in many other African countries, homosexuality is a criminal offence in Kenya.

In a country where being gay is subject to social, cultural and legal oppression, members of the LGBT community are compelled every day to deny their sexual identity in order to survive. One of the producers was arrested, despite the fact that the names of those that contributed to the film are fictitious. He has been released on bail pending trial.

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