Three Windows And A Hanging

Isa Qosja

Kosovo, Germany 2014, 94 min.


Spoken language: Albanian

Subtitles: English

Dutch premiere

Festival year: 2015

In a traditional village in Kosovo school mistress Lushe has a tough time when she tells a foreign journalist that she was raped during the war. The men launch a hate campaign against her. Beautiful, subtle drama from Kosovo about trauma and shame.


One year after the Kosovo war the inhabitants of a small village try to get their lives back on track. Peace is disturbed by a newspaper article about the rape of four women from the village by Serb soldiers during the war. When the men who hold sway over the village find out that school mistress Lushe has leaked the information, all hell breaks loose.

Lushe lives with her son, hoping for the return or at least a sign of life from her husband, who has been missing for three years. The men, led by village elderly Uka, find that Lushe has brought shame upon the village and forbid the village people to have contact with her. The next day, Lushe’s classroom remains empty.

Beautifully shot, sound drama that reveals the oppression of women, but also zooms in on the lack of freedom of opinion within the patriarchal community.



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