Héctor Gálvez

Colombia, France, Germany, Peru 2014, 90 min.


Spoken language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Festival year: 2016

A team of forensic anthropologists in Peru digs up the remains of nine anonymous persons, twenty years after a wave of political violence shook the country. On one of the bodies they find a fade photograph, which is the only clue as to their possible identity. Thoughtful researcher Fidel is fascinated by the case, but soon faces a moral dilemma between the human and scientific approach to the investigation.


A hidden past is literally brought back to the surface when forensic scientists discover nine bodies in the mountains of Peru. With the utmost of precision and care, they collect what is left of the bodies, which disappeared during a period of political turmoil. However, there is little information as to the identity of the victims. The scientists only have a faded photograph of a smiling girl that was found on one the bodies. For Fidel, the case becomes even more exciting when a woman shows up who has been trying for decades to find out what happened to her disappeared husband. Could this be him? While the woman’s emotions spiral out of control, Fidel gets more and more obsessed with an investigation into an obscure past event that yields more questions than answers.

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