Chico Teixeira

Brazil, Chile, France 2015, 87 min.


Spoken language: Portuguese

Subtitles: English

Dutch premiere

Festival year: 2016

Coming-of-age film about 15-year-old Serginho whose father leaves without a word one day. Serginho’s mother suffers from a depression and spends more time drinking than caring for her teenage son and his little brother. Lost and craving for attention, Serginho spends his days in Sao Paulo, where he has to grow up prematurely.


What Serginho really needs is a caress on the head and some attention, especially from his mother. As she cannot cater for his needs, the young teenager seeks the affection of his friends Mudinho and Sivinha and teacher Ney. Ney is a single man living in an apartment building near the market, where he gives private lessons. Serginho longs for a father figure and likes to spend time with the teacher. But just like all other adults in his life, Ney isn’t there for him when he needs him most.

Instead of going to school, Serginho spends his days working in his uncle’s market stall and roaming the streets of Sao Paulo. Struggling with his budding sexuality and craving for a loving parent, Serginho finds himself in a complex twilight zone between being a child and becoming an adult, with no one to guide him. Visiting the local circus seems to be the only way to escape from reality.





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