Tobias Lindholm

Denmark 2015, 115 min.


Spoken language: Danish

Subtitles: English

Dutch premiere

Festival year: 2016

Oscar-nominated opening film about idealistic Danish army commander Claus Michael Pedersen, whose troupes are employed in an Afghanistan province. Caught in heavy crossfire with Taliban fighters, Pedersen faces a difficult decision that will have far-reaching consequences.


While army commander Pedersen tries to make a difference in Afghanistan, back home his wife Maria finds it difficult to raise three children who miss their father. Pedersen misses his family, too, but as a commander he feels equally responsible for the mission’s successful outcome and the safety of his men.

When Claus and a seriously injured soldier are left isolated following a standoff with Taliban fighters, he orders the shelling of the area so that the rescue helicopter can reach the location. The young soldier survives, but then the bodies of eleven Afghan women and children are found in the ruins. Back in Denmark, Pederson again has to struggle to survive and hold on to his family. Not in the frontline this time but in court, where he stands trial for war crimes.

Third movie by Danish director and screenwriter Tobias Lindholm, starring Pilou Asbaek (Borgen). Lindholm previously directed Kapringen and co-directed Oscar-nominated Jagten.


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September Film Distribution


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Studio Canal

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Talkshows & debates

Krigen: Q&A with Erna Rijsdijk en Bart van den Bosch

Saturday, March 19, 2016 - 17:15

Q&A with Erna Rijsdijk and Bart van den Bosch from the Netherlands Defence Academy.