No One's Child

Vuk Ršumović

Croatia, Serbia 2014, 95 min.


Spoken language: Serbian

Subtitles: English

Festival year: 2016

True story about a wolf-child who was found in the Bosnian mountains back in 1998 and grew up in an orphanage in Belgrade. The staff succeeds in socializing the boy, but when the war erupts in 1992 the authorities force him to go back to Bosnia, where he was found. Modern-day fairytale about the randomness of origin and the thin dividing line between civilization and wilderness.


Back in the spring of 1988, in the Bosnian woods, hunters find a boy who seems to have been raised by wolves. He is baptized ‘Harris’ and put in a Belgrade youth shelter by the authorities that face the difficult task of socializing the boy, who walks on his hands and feet, does not speak a human language but growls and howls like a wolf. As the shelter staff gradually manages to ‘educate’ him, Harris becomes friends with charming Zika and discovers the special world of humans. However, this world turns against him when the civil war erupts and the local authorities send him back to Bosnia to serve in the army.

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