Crowley - Every Cowboy Needs His Horse

André Hörmann

Germany 2015, 16 min.

Documentary, Short

Spoken language: English

Subtitles: Dutch

You’ll usually see Crowley wearing either a checkered blue-and-white shirt and cowboy hat, or a bull-patterned shirt and blue cap. But he’s always wearing blue jeans, with a knife in a brown leather case in his back pocket. Crowley is 11 years old, and all he wants is to be a cowboy. He is determined to show his parents that he can break a horse, and gets very frustrated when his dad decides to help out. When his grandmother visits to show off her new gun, we know for sure we’re in the real Wild West of Colorado. Grandma and Crowley practice shooting cans. Just occasionally we see him somewhere else: at school, yawning ("I'd rather save my brain for working on a ranch") or lying under a blanket like a little boy. But he’d much rather be showing off his car driving and rodeo skills.




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