Sami Blood

Amanda Kernell

Sweden, Norway, Denmark 2016, 110 min.


Spoken language: Swedish, Sami

Subtitles: English

Festival year: 2017

Christina reluctantly returns to the place where she was born to attend her little sister's funeral. During her teenage years, she decided to give up her traditional clothing and to no longer live like a Lap, because they were seen as an inferior people.


Christina grew up as Ella-Marja and, during her teenage years, gradually discovered that she was seen as a member of an inferior group of people. On her way to school, she was bullied by Swedish children. At school, a doctor investigated the children to scientifically prove their inferiority. When it becomes clear that Ella-Marja will not be able to continue her studies to become a teacher, she decides that enough is enough. She decides to leave her traditional life behind and moves to the big city to build a life and a career as a 'normal' Swede. To that end, she trusts the benevolence of her contemporary Niklas, whom she met at a village party.

With this subtle coming-of-age story, director Amanda Kernell demonstrates the consequences of racism. What drives people to deny their own background and assume a new identity?

Text: Dirk van der Straaten


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