Mensjesrechten: Kippen voor Kimaru

Anne van Camphout / Eriss Khajira

Netherlands, The 2016, 15 min.

Documentary, Short

Spoken language: English, Swahili

Kimaru is ten years old. He lives in a slum in Nairobi with his mother and his two sisters. His father has recently died, and his mother can no longer afford to pay the school fees for her children. Luckily, Aunt
Ursula has come to visit, and has brought a box with five chickens for Kimaru. If all goes well, the chickens will soon start laying eggs every day, and Kimaru will be able to sell the eggs. The money he earns will supplement his family’s income. But rearing chicks is not easy at all. Will Kimaru succeed in starting a small business in eggs to help meet his school fees?




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