Philippe Van Leeuw

Belgium, France, Lebanon 2017, 85 min.


Spoken language: Arabic

Subtitles: Dutch, English

In an apartment in Syria, energetic mother Oum Yazan is trying desperately to keep her family together whilst outside a war is raging. There is no food or water, but going outside is very dangerous. Insyriated is a compelling story of how a loving home is transformed into a prison when living in a war zone.


We see a family sitting a large table at midday, everyone trying to make themselves heard above the cannonade of bombs and machine gun fire. While Grandfather plays with his little grandchild, the oldest daughter flirts with her boyfriend in her room. Next door a young couple with a baby are planning their escape. Belgian director Phillipe van Leeuw creates a claustrophobic film about twenty four hours in the lives of people living in the midst of extreme war violence and shows how these extreme circumstances lead to extreme choice and behavior. Insyriated won the Panorama Audience Award and the Label Europa Cinemas at the Berlinale.

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