Mensjesrechten: Het meisje zonder zwaartekracht

Jens Pedersen

Denmark 2017, 20 min.

Documentary, Short

Spoken language: Mongolian

Subtitles: Dutch

Erdenchimeg has her mind set on becoming a famous contortionist – a speciality of Mongolian
acrobats. Her team at the circus school is invited to become part of a prestigious show on the parliament square. But suddenly Erdenchimeg seems incapable of managing her exercise. The prospect of becoming the ‘odd one out on her team is all the more frightening because her dad is imprisoned, her mother is a former drunk and Erdenchimeg was only admitted to the circus school as an act of good will. Not just her own dreams, but also the dignity of her
family is at stake. But in the end she finds her inner strength and pulls through.



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