Andrey Zvyagintsev

Germany, Belgium, France, Russia 2017, 127 min.


Spoken language: Russian

Subtitles: Dutch

Festival year: 2018

A cinematographic achievement by Russian filmmaker Andrei Zvyagintsev (Leviathan), which won him the Jury Award in Cannes. In their drive to achieve a better life, a couple lose not only each other, but their son as well.

Boris and Zhenya are in the throes of a divorce. Back then, they rushed into marriage because they were having a baby together, and now they fight constantly over the head of Alyosha, their 12-year-old son. Both of them have found a new beau by now, and are trying to get rid of each other and their apartment as quickly as possible. Boris has a relationship with a young woman, who is pregnant with his child, while Zhenya is dating a rich man. They are engrossed with their own lives and do not notice their child at all... Until he disappears.

With cinematographic bravado and sharp observations of his country’s socio-political situation, filmmaker Zvyagintsev created a masterpiece, for which he won many film awards and an Oscar nomination in 2017.


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