Una Mujer Fantastica

Sebastián Lelio

Chile, Germany, United States, Spain 2017, 104 min.


Spoken language: Spanish

Subtitles: Dutch

Festival year: 2018

Marina, a transgender woman, sees her happy life change dramatically when her beloved Orlando dies unexpectedly. To her sorrow, his family not only shuts her out completely, they even suspect her of having played a role in his death.

Marina is a transgender woman in a relationship with Orlando, who is twenty years her senior; they are happy, in love, and working on building a future together. But when he dies unexpectedly, the life that Marina knew comes to an abrupt end. She is not given any time to grieve. Both the doctors and Orlando’s family are suspicious about the exact role that Marina played in his death.

The family had never accepted the relationship; when an investigation is launched, they shut her out completely. She is not welcome at the funeral and is evicted from his apartment. However, Marina is not about to let herself be set aside so easily; she fights for her right to be herself.


Una Mujer Fantástica is part of the Chosen by YOU theme programme.







Dutch distribution:

September Film Distribution