MtM X Go Short

Various Directors

Various 2018, 63 min.


Spoken language: Various

Festival year: 2018

Publicist and filmmaker Beri Shalmashi compiled a short film program, which we show in collaboration with the Go Short Festival. Shalmashi chose the films Absent Wound (Maryam Tafakory), The Award (Lidija Mojsovska), Find Fix Finish (Mila Zhluktenko, Sylvain Cruiziat), A Man Fall Off The Air (Kurt Platvoet, Jan Verdijk) and White Riot: London (Rubika Shah ).





Talkshows & debates

MtM X Go Short: Introduction by Beri Shalmashi

Friday, March 30, 2018 - 19:00

Beri Shalmashi introduces the program and talks about how she selected the shorts as guest curator.