De verloren kinderen van het kalifaat

Sinan Can

Netherlands, The 2018, 40 min.

Documentary, Television Series

Spoken language: Dutch

World premiere

Festival year: 2018

Sinan Can travels to Syria with Houssein, father of two IS-children. In the wreckage of the Kalifate. Houssein looks for his family. They visit Raqqa, where Houssein’s son Ilyas died as IS-fighter. And they go to the Kurdish camps to look for his daughter and her two children. Will Hoessein find what he is looking for in his war-torn country?






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Talkshows & debates

BNNVARA premiere: De verloren kinderen van het Kalifaat: Q&A with Sinan Can

Saturday, March 24, 2018 - 17:00

Q&A with Sinan Can will be in Dutch.