Flavia Castro

Brazil, France, Qatar 2018, 96 min.


Spoken language: Portuguese, French, Spanish

Subtitles: English

Dutch premiere

Festival year: 2019

Joana is a Brazilian teenager who has spent much of her childhood with her exiled mother in Paris. After her return to Brazil, Joana starts looking for the truth about her father, a political activist who disappeared under Brazil’s military dictatorship. A beautifully shot film, brimming with life and music.


The year is 1979. After an Amnesty Law has granted immunity to opponents of Brazil’s military dictatorship, Joana’s mother can return home after years of exile in Paris. Teenager Joana, however, hardly remembers Brazil at all. She likes her life in France with her mother, her Chilean stepfather Luis, her two half-brothers and of course her inseparable cassette tapes of The Doors. But even tearing up her passport will not change a thing: she has to go live in Rio de Janeiro.

Back in Brazil, Joana slowly finds her feet – and the love of beautiful Ernesto. But life in the loving patchwork family becomes difficult when Luis engages in political activism again. And through meeting her paternal grandmother for the first time, Joana starts asking questions about her real father, a political activist who was forcibly disappeared in the seventies. To Joana’s growing frustration, her mother will not talk about what happened. Who was he? Who betrayed him? Could he still be alive? And perhaps the most worrisome question of all: can Joana trust her own memories?


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Talkshows & debates

Unremember: Q&A with Faten Bushehri and Kamran Ashtary

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 16:30

Moderator Sofia Stolk speaks with Faten Bushehri from Bahrain and Kamran Ashtary from Iran about living in exile.

Unremember: Introduction by Giovanna di Giacomo

Thursday, March 28, 2019 - 16:45

In this introduction, Giovanna di Giacomo connects the historical events in the film to the current political situation in Brazil. 

Unremember: Q&A with Tarcísio Lage and Taissa Padua

Friday, March 29, 2019 - 12:00

Q&A with Tarcísio Lage and Taissa Padua about the political history of Brazil in connection to the current political situation in the country.