Sidik en de panter

Reber Dosky

Netherlands, The 2019, 83 min.


Spoken language: Kurdish

Subtitles: English

In the breathtakingly beautiful mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan Sidik sets out to find a panther that has not been seen in the area for 25 years. Finding the panther could mean that the area will be designated as a national reserve. Sidik hopes that this would put an end to wars and conflict.


Equipped with a pair of binoculars and several cameras, Sidik walks through the mountains where his father and grandfather set foot before him. His search is merely interrupted by passers-by crossing his path. Sidik listens to their stories, gives advice, and is not overly impressed when coming face to face with an armed hunter.

As he passes through stunning landscapes Sidik continues his relentless search. To him, finding the panther symbolises life, reincarnation and the hope for peace.



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