Filippo Meneghetti

France 2019, 95 min.


Spoken language: French

Subtitles: Dutch

Nina and Madeleine are in love. They have been for decades, but until now, nobody knew. If it’s up to Nina, that’s about to change. But Madeleine is afraid to tell her children the truth. Beautiful, tender love story with fantastic performances by Barbara Sukowa and Martine Chevallier.

Nina and Madeleine have been secret lovers for years. They live in opposite apartments, so it was easy seeing each other without attracting suspicion. Now Madeleine is a widow, they make plans to sell their apartments and move to Rome. But Madeleine is afraid to tell the truth to her meddling daughter Anne and resentful son Frédéric, who still think their father was her one true love.

When Madeleine is hit by a stroke, Nina has to fight for the possibility to take care of her. As the tragedy strikes, their secret is slowly coming to light.

Deux is presented in collaboration with the Roze Filmdagen.



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Friday, March 27, 2020 - 11:00

This program is in Dutch.