Nadine Labaki

Lebanon 2018, 126 min.


Spoken language: Amharic, Arabic

Subtitles: Dutch

Nadine Labaki’s latest film is a poignant portrait about parenthood and surviving in the poorest neighborhoods of Lebanon, seen through the eyes of a child. The compelling cast of characters, consisting mainly of non-professional actors, takes us on a road trip, where new friendships develop and all-decisive choices are made.

When the judge asks 12-year-old Zain ‘Why do you put your parents on trial?’ he answers: ‘For giving me life.’ Zain (Zain Al Rafeea) spends his days in the Lebanese capital Beirut. As the eldest son he has to work to help support his family. When his younger sister is married off to a local greengrocer, Zain decides to run away from home.



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