José Padilha

Brazil 2009, 110 min.


Spoken language: Portuguese

Subtitles: English

Festival year: 2010

According to UN estimates more than 850 million people suffered from chronic malnutrition in 2005, and it is expected that they will be over a billion in 2010. Figures that remain abstract statistics as long as we do not know what hunger really means. What are the effects of malnutrition? What future is there for a child who does not get enough to eat? And what is it like for parents not to be able to serve their offspring a decent meal?
To understand what impact hunger has on people’s lives, Brazilian director José Padilha spent thirty days with three penniless Brazilian families that are confronted with a lack of food. They can only offer their children ‘garapa’, a relatively cheap and high-calorie mixture of water and sugar cane. With this documentary Padilha gives the global food crisis a human face.
José Padilha’s film 'Omnibus 174' was screened at the 2003 festival. Last year, he won the Berlin film festival award for his favela drama 'Tropa de Elite', and was promptly invited to make a big Hollywood movie. The producer had to wait, though, because Padilha felt the need to give priority to 'Garapa'.

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