Pakistan's Taliban Generation

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Pakistan, United Kingdom 2009, 47 min.


Spoken language: English, Urdu

Subtitles: English

Dutch premiere

Festival year: 2010

In 'Pakistan's Taliban Generation' film maker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy analyzes how the war on terror in her country is creating a new generation of terrorists: Pakistani children that are prepared to kill, both within and outside Pakistan. While travelling across Pakistan she becomes aware that the influence of the Taliban is no longer restricted to the countryside, but also spreads to cities like Karachi, where mainstream education gradually makes way for madrassas, radical Islamic schools where boys only read the Koran. In some regions, girls are no longer allowed to go to school, and women have to wear a burka. In the north US supported Pakistani army is plunged into a conflict that has already killed thousands of innocent people. Hundreds of thousands of civilians have left their belongings to flee the violence. Sharmeen visits the Swat valley, a peaceful tourist attraction until one and a half years ago, and one of the two hundred schools that have been destroyed by the Taliban.



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