My Neighbor, My Killer

Anne Aghion

United States, France 2009, 80 min.


Spoken language: Kinyarwanda

Subtitles: English

The genocide, which took place in 1994 in Rwanda, has left its mark on the population. The legal system of the country buckled under the enormous number of prisoners suspected of committing genocide and war crimes. In 1999 and in response to this, the government introduced Gacaca: a community court in which victims and perpetrators confront each other during open-air hearings. The aim of the hearings is not only to acknowledge the victims’ suffering, but also begin the reconciliation process. 'My Neighbor, My Killer' investigates if it is really possible to forgive those who massacred your family. This is the final part of Anne Aghion’s award-winning trilogy about Gacaca. Earlier parts – 'Gacaca, Living Together Again in Rwanda?' and 'In Rwanda We Say...' The family that does not speak dies – were highly awarded and screened at the Amnesty International and Cinema & Justice Film Festivals in The Hague. 'In Rwanda We Say...' was distinguished with the highly prestigious Emmy Award.


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