Not Quite the Taliban

Not Quite the Taliban

Fadi Hindash

Belgium 2009, 70 min.


Spoken language: Arabic, English

Subtitles: English

Festival year: 2010

In 'Not Quite the Taliban' young Jordanian film maker Fadi Hindash, who lives in Dubai, sheds light on one of the biggest taboos in the Arab world: homosexuality. Speaking out about his own homosexuality, Hindash confronts a contemporary generation of Arabs who behave in a ‘western’ manner, but are often more conservative than previous generations. In 'modern' Dubai it is still dangerous for gays to reveal their sexual inclination. Hindash, too, took considerable risks when making his film. He exposes the hypocritical attitude towards gays by all means. For example, Hindash sets up an Internet appointment with a strictly religious man who is willing to go to bed with him for money.

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