Kindness, A Letter from Tibet

Clémentine Ederveen

Netherlands, The 2009, 62 min.


Spoken language: English, Tibetan, Dutch

Subtitles: English

Festival year: 2010

When Tsering Jampa was four years old, Chinese soldiers entered her home and cruelly disturbed her peaceful life, forcing the family to flee from Tibet to India. What to do with this injustice? When Tsering is twelve years old, she finds the key to the answer in an old verse. Forty years later, in March 2008, the people in Tibet revolt. Tsering lives in The Netherlands and is director of the International Campaign for Tibet-Europe. During a demonstration rally at the Chinese embassy in The Hague, in masterly fashion she captures the pain and frustration of her young fellow countrymen.
In 'Kindness, A Letter from Tibet' director Clémentine Ederveen mixes dramatized black and white scenes from Tserings youth with the refractory political reality where Tibet is in now. The film brings to life the ancient culture of kindness Tserings parents gave her. And reveals how, the way Tsering campaigns is inseparable from the way she was raised.



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