Chanson pour Amine

Alberto Bougleux

Spain, France, Italy 2009, 53 min.


Spoken language: Arabic, French

Subtitles: English

Dutch premiere

Festival year: 2010

Countless people have been subjected to forced disappearance since the early nineties, when Algeria waged war on radical Islam. According to official statistics published by the Algerian government 6,000 Algerians have ‘disappeared’ in the 1990s. Human rights organizations consider the actual number to be much higher, though.
Amine Amrouch disappeared on 30 January 1997, when he was abducted by the security forces in Algiers. Since that time his mother Nassera Dutour spends her days campaigning for truth and justice. She presides the Mediterranean Federation on Forced Disappearances (FEMED) and is a spokesperson of a movement created by the relatives of victims of forced disappearance in Algeria. "At first we asked the government to return our children alive", she says. "Now we ask them to tell us the truth and render their bodies." 'Chanson pour Amine' sheds new light on the impact of a forgotten war against Muslim fundamentalism. A war that has already cost more than 200,000 human lives.


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