Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame

Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame

Hana Makhmalbaf

Iran 2007, 81 min.


Spoken language: Persian

Subtitles: Dutch

Festival year: 2010

In Afghanistan’s Bamiyan valley, near the broken pieces of the Buddha statues that were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001, lives Bakhtay, a six-year-old girl. Just like the boy next door she wants to go to school, but first she has to find money to buy a notebook and a pen. On her way there, she is stopped by boys playing in the street who call her names and threaten to stone her to death for wanting to go to school. Will little Bakhtay be able to escape and reach her goal?
Hana Makhmalbaf’s award-winning debut is a compelling parable about discrimination of women and the influence of war and theocracy on children. The powerful visual story full of unexpected and cruel twists makes 'Buddha collapsed out of shame' into a heart-breaking tale, with a young heroine that leaves a lasting impression.



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