El Olvido

Heddy Honigmann

Netherlands, The 2008, 93 min.


Spoken language: Spanish

Subtitles: Dutch

Festival year: 2010

'El Olvido' (Oblivion) is a documentary about a forgotten city, Lima, a forgotten race, the Peruvians, and a forgotten country, Peru. Dutch director Heddy Honigmann, best known for award-winning films like 'O Amor Natural', 'Het Ondergronds Orkest' en 'Forever', walks the viewer through the streets of Lima. We do not get to see any world-shattering events, but go into small shops and restaurants, visit fashionable bars and sit in the numerous squares to watch and observe. On every street corner we meet people who, using their poetry, dreams and creativity, resist oblivion and rise up to those that have vowed their patriotism for centuries but in actual fact despise their country. Just like the great unpretentious poets, the characters in 'El Olvido' look at history with a sense of humour and irony and share their stories with us.



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