Paul Ruven

Netherlands, The 2008, 87 min.


Spoken language: English

A few days before his wedding, commercials producer Frank Meutstege is invited as a guest of honour at an African gala event. Exactly fifteen years ago Frank visited Africa to record his heart-rending and world-famous commercial ‘Help Malinda’, which launched his international career.
Back in Africa, Frank meets African teenager Sunny, who claims to be his daughter… Frank suspects blackmail, but apparently the girl has a legally registered status. If her allegation is true, Frank’s upcoming marriage and his impeccable reputation would be in serious danger.
He has no other choice than to file a lawsuit against Sunny to prove her wrong. Together, they travel to the little village where the ‘Help Malinda’ commercial was recorded. Due to a power failure, however, all flights are cancelled, so they have to follow an improvised route through an inhospitable African region, where danger is lurking everywhere.
Nevertheless, Frank and Sunny grow together during their adventurous road trip, that ends where Frank once fell in love with the main character in the Africa commercial, Malinda. Here, the truth is revealed.



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