A Time to Love

De Geheime broer

Ebrahim Forouzeh

Iran 2008, 85 min.


Spoken language: Persian

Subtitles: Dutch

Festival year: 2010

Mentally disabled Iranian boy Babak is the apple of his mother’s eye. His impatient father, on the other hand, only has an eye for his little brother Afshin. While Babak’s mother prevents him from being committed, he is locked up in his room all day. There, he dreams of going to school – a dream he knows will never come true. Until a friend of his younger brother comes along. He secretly educates Babak and informs his teacher about Babak’s fate. Together they enable him to go to school. The touching movie 'De Geheime Broer'/'A Time to Love' won a Canadian youth film prize. Director Ebrahim Forouzeh won more than thirty international film prizes in his career.



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