Google Baby

Google Baby

Zippi Brand Frank

Israel 2009, 59 min.


Spoken language: English

Subtitles: English

Festival year: 2010

Israeli national Doron has discovered the advantages of globalization. With the help of an American surrogate mother, he and his friend now have a little daughter, Talia. As this transaction proved to be rather expensive, he decides to start a company whose core business is to save costs. Thus, he relatively cheaply obtains a child for 57-year-old Irit, who is infertile and single. The egg-cells are ordered online from the American company Egg Donation Inc. and there is ample choice of donors, ranging from a fit brunette to an 'overall great person'. The sperm cells, too, are bought online. Once the fertilization accomplished, the embryos are outsourced, with Indian surrogate mothers taking on the pregnancy part. People have different reasons to participate in this modern form of baby traffic, even though financial motives often play an important role. For instance, American ovum donor Katherine wants to refurbish her house and finance her shooting hobby, while most Indian surrogate mothers need money to pay for their own children’s education.



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