Does this Movie Matter?

Does This Movie Matter?


2010, 40 min.

Spoken language:

Subtitles: Engels

World premiere

Festival year: 2010

Work in progress. At the Movies that Matter Festival stage producer Laura van Dolron performs 'My name is Rachel Corrie', a theatre monologue about activist Rachel Corrie who was killed in Rafah. The documentary 'Rachel', which tells the story of Corrie’s life, will also be screened at the festival. On 10 January 2010, Van Dolron sent Movies that Matter the following email message. Hi, I have just arrived in Hebron, (…) Many western people go to Palestine to help. Not me. I am here to ask if I can help. I have made no plans whatsoever, except for one thing: I want to make a film about this journey. A documentary about westerners gone astray on the West Bank. And I might well prove to be such a westerner. A naive girl with good intentions wearing brand-new Ray Ban sunglasses throughout the entire film... I want to fond out whether or not I can be of any use here, by sharing all my questions and doubts with the people I meet and eventually also with the viewer. It will be a documentary about how western artists, humanitarian aid workers, filmmakers and journalists interact with ‘the locals’ in conflict areas. Part of the film will consist of me performing 'My name is Rachel Corrie' in front of the Israeli wall. (…) Just let me know if you’re interested... Warm regards from sunny, dusty and sometimes grim Hebron. Laura van Dolron The Movies that Matter Festival was definitely interested, and has scheduled a ‘work in progress’ screening of Laura van Dolron’s 'Stand-up Documentary'. She produced 'Does this Movie Matter?' (working title) together with Mark Kulsdom.