Die Fremde

2009, 119 min.

Spoken language:

Subtitles: Nederlands

Festival year: 2011

Poignant film about young Turkish Umay who flees her unhappy married life in Istanbul to return to her parents in Berlin, where she grew up. Back home, however, she is not welcomed with open arms. Her family has to choose between the love for Umay and the deeply-rooted traditions of the Turkish community.


“Stop dreaming!”, her mother replies when her 25-year-old daughter Umay stands on her doorstep saying she wants to pick up her old life in Berlin together with her son Cem. Even though she realizes that she may be asking too much from her parents, she hopes that their love will outweigh the social pressure exerted by family and friends. It soon becomes clear that her parents cannot turn away from traditional values. The conflict reaches a climax when they decide to send Cem back to his father in Turkey in order to save their reputation. Umay leaves her native home to build a new life with her son, while trying to restore the relationship with her family. It might be too late for reconciliation, however.
Austrian director Feo Aladag, married to a German national of Turkish origin herself, highlights the cultural clash between modern and traditional Turkish values in her debut film Die Fremde.


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