Beeld Few Days of Respite

A Few Days of Respite

2010, 79 min.

Spoken language:

Subtitles: Engels

European premiere

Festival year: 2011

Photographer Hassan and teacher Mohsen, an Iranian gay couple, flee their country since homosexual relationships are liable to the death penalty in their country. In France, Yolande, a lonely yet friendly widow, takes pity on Mohsen. Intriguing movie in which gay rights in Iran and the immigration issue in France collide.


When refugees Hassan and Mohsen (interpreted by director Amor Hakkar) pass the French border, they decide to travel on while concealing to the outside world that they know each other. In the small town of Saint-Claude, on the way to Paris, Mohsen meets 60-year-old Yolande. She offers him a job, warmth and the perspective of a carefree existence. Will Mohsen opt for a quiet life with Yolande, once more having to suppress his homosexuality? Of will he privilege his passionate relationship with his younger lover Hassan?
Algerian actor/director Amok Hakkar’s intriguing and subdued movie succeeds in convincingly bringing the inner conflict out into the limelight. 


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