Min Dît - The Children of Diyarbakir

Miraz Bezar

Germany, Turkey 2009, 102 min.


Spoken language: Kurdish, Turkish

Subtitles: English

Dutch premiere

Festival year: 2011

Poignant film about children that carry the can for a political struggle. Turkish Kurdistan, end of the nineties. Ten-year-old Gülistan and her little brother Firat stay behind after the politically motivated assassination of their parents. A tough partner in misfortune learns them to become street wise.


After the death of their father, a political reporter, and mother, Gülistan and Firat and their infant sister stay behind. Their aunt Yekbur takes care of them during the first few months, but then suddenly disappears. Their money is running out quickly, the landlord kicks them out on the street and all of a sudden the children have to survive in the streets of Diyarbakir.
Soon, Gülistan en Firat find out that numerous children suffer the same fate. They meet tough, 12-year-old Zelal, who lives in the ruins of an Armenian church and helps them to survive on the street. While Firat develops into an ardent trader, Gülistan friends with part-time prostitute Dilara. One day, Gülistan discovers to her dismay that one of Dilara’s clients is her parents’ assassin. Will she seek revenge for what happened to her – and to all other street children?
Min Dît is Miraz Bezar’s daring and honourable film debut that never becomes sentimental. Bezar succeeds in bringing out the best in her young actors.


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