Na Putu

Jasmila Zbanic

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Austria, Germany 2010, 100 min.


Spoken language: Bosnian

Subtitles: English

Festival year: 2011

Social drama Na Putu follows the young Bosnian couple Amar and Luna. After Amar is fired because of his alcohol addiction, he turns towards Islamic fundamentalism, leaving Luna in despair. Can love bridge the ever widening gap between them?


Na Putu, from the director of Grbavica, that won the Golden Bear in 2006, is about the conflict between secular Islam and Islamic fundamentalism as practiced by the Wahhabi community.
When Amar is in the gutter, an old friend with whom he fought in the Bosnian war offers him a job in a Wahhabi community just outside Sarajevo. While Luna is preparing for artificial insemination, he develops into a radical Muslim. Gradually, the two lovers drift apart. Luna has to decide whether her love for Amar is strong enough to give up her status as a moderate Muslim. 



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