Afbeelding Unjust


Josefina Bergsten

Hong Kong 2010, 67 min.


Spoken language: English, Thai, Indonesian, Local languages

Subtitles: English

Festival year: 2011

Three men from three Asian countries: Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. A thorn in the authorities’ eye, they were assassinated by secret agents without any explanation, and the perpetrators are still at large. Unjust follows the three brave women that are left behind, among whom the widow of Indonesian Munir, in their ongoing struggle for justice.


Munir is a labour rights advocate in Indonesia. In 2004, he is poisoned on an airplane taking him to Holland. Munirs wife Suciwati endeavours to get the assassin behind bars, which seems mission impossible if it turns out that the perpetrator benefits from full state protection.
As a lawyer, Somchai was involved in several court cases against the military in Thailand. One day, he disappears without a trace. His wife Angkhana has no way to prove that the state was behind his disappearance as long as the main piece of evidence, her husband’s body, is missing.
Sri Lankan Gerald Perera is arrested on suspicion of murder. After being severely tortured, he is released. Gerald and his wife Padma join battle with the police officers involved. Before the case goes to court, however, Gerald is shot to death.



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