Achter gesloten ogen

Duco Tellegen

Netherlands, The 2000, 100 min.


Spoken language: Dutch, English, Albanian, Khmer, Kinyarwanda

Subtitles: English

When war children close their eyes, frightful images can reappear in their minds. How do they manage to survive? In this series of four short documentaries from Liberia, Kosovo, Cambodia and Rwanda, Dutch filmmaker Duco Tellegen portrays children in how they tell about their experiences, how they play and work, how they build a new future. The Liberian boy Spencer is not only a victim, but has killed himself. A role play teaches him that violence does not have to be part of everyday life. Eranda spends time in a refugee camp in Macedonia, then goes to Holland, then returns to Kosovo. In Cambodia, Nhom lost a leg when he stepped on a mine. In Rwanda, Jacqueline was raped and her child is a daily reminder of her ordeal. The four stories show both remarkable similarities and highly individual characteristics in the process of building up a life from trauma. (MtM)



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