Afghan Girls Can Kick

Bahareh Hosseini

Afghanistan 2007, 50 min.


Spoken language: Dari

Subtitles: English

The national Afghan women’s football team endured brutal
repression during the Taliban regime, while trying to form
a full-fledged football team. Afghan Girls Can Kick zooms
in on the individual stories of emancipated players. Despite
persistent danger and the lack of training opportunities,
fields or competing teams, they remain optimistic. They are
over the moon when they are invited to a tournament in
When Afghanistan was under the rule of the Taliban,
women’s rights were almost non-existent. New opportunities
have arisen since strict Muslims are no longer in power,
like playing football! Afghan Girls Can Kick follows the
players of the first Afghan women’s team as they prepare
for their first international match in Islamabad. These
women grew up under the repressive Taliban regime. Their
lives are still at risk every day. Until now, the women’s
team has only played against a team of women NATO
soldiers, who are no competition for the Afghan ladies. The
Afghan team members play in long trousers, long-sleeved
shirts and headscarves when being filmed. Parents often
disapprove of their daughters’ chosen sport. For the players,
however, football offers an escape from the daily misery in
Afgan Girls Can Kick is preceded by The Final Match, an
endearing short on Iranian girls and football.



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