Bajo Juarez: La ciudad devorando a sus hijas

Alejandra Sánchez / Jose Antonio Cordero

Mexico 2007, 96 min.


Spoken language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

In the Mexican city of Juárez, close to the American border, a striking number of young women have disappeared in recent years. Many have remained missing, but the discovery of several bodies has attested to the fact that the women were brutally murdered. This documentary searches for answers to these horrible crimes. How it can be that most of the murders have remained unsolved and the perpetrators unpunished? The directors talk to various members of grief-torn families, some of whom have been battling for years for more openness and a more thorough investigation. We meet the mother of Alejandra, an 18-year-old mother of two who was killed in 2001. The film also introduces two journalists who refuse to accept the vague explanations from the police and government officials, and instead dig deeper into the hundreds of disappearances. It turns out that innocent people have been arrested and tortured into confessing, and that evidence has been tampered with. The investigators come across a disturbing amount of corruption that leads back to the higher levels of the Mexican government. (IDFA)

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