Cidade dos Homens

Paulo Morelli

Brazil 2007, 106 min.


Spoken language: Portuguese

Subtitles: Dutch

From the makers of Cidade de Deus (City of God). Against a background of warring youth gangs in a Favela of Rio de Janiero, two teenagers struggle with a hard existence. While Acerola faces the challenge of raising his two year old son alone, Laranjinha is searching for the father he has never known. During this search, the two friends are confronted with a shocking secret from their past. This is a film about the world in which drug wars are fought out with Uzis and in which a human life no longer has any value. Cidade dos Homens is also about love and the realization of dreams. With fast images, stirring music and a documentary style of filming Cidade dos Homens is an accurate and poignant start to the third season of the national film program.



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