Clown Children

Jannicke Systad Jacobsen

Norway 2006, 6 min.

Documentary, Short

Spoken language: AA No Dialogue

A moving short film about two street urchins in Guatemala, who make money doing tricks at a chaotic intersection in Guatemala City. Every morning, the two brothers expertly make themselves up, put on their clown costumes and juggle oranges in the busy traffic. In this way, they try to earn enough money to survive, and it works: both in sunshine and rain, there is always some driver who takes the boys' fate to heart and rewards their creative way of begging. Without words or heavy-handed sentiment, in six minutes and with appropriate, pale colours, The Clown Children tells the story of the many street kids in Guatemala. Director Jannicke Systad Jacobsen follows the brothers at a small distance. Still, owing to her attention to small detail, the story is very intimate: the orange that also serves as a soccer ball, the looks the boys exchange with one another and the busy street scenes of Guatemala that contrast with the children's innocent activities. (IDFA)




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