Echoes Of War

Joop van Wijk

Netherlands, The 2004, 70 min.


Spoken language: Persian, English, Spanish, Sierra Leonese

Subtitles: English

On four continents, a group of children is read a story about the little elephant Baba that lives in the jungle with its parents. One day, a turtle with a shattered shell shuffles past. The reading of the tale has a distinct effect. Outwardly unmoved, the children listen to the story, until the moment when Baba and his mother are abandoned by father elephant. At this point, the kids can no longer keep still and their individual, indescribable memories are unleashed. A Sierra-Leonean girl starts telling how her sister's arm was chopped off right in front of her eyes. An Afghan girl is unable to hold back her tears when telling about her brother, who stepped on a mine. A Colombian boy shows the place in the jungle where he found a grenade while walking to school. Two sisters in New York explain how much they miss their father – a fire fighter who got killed in the attack on the World Trade Center. The scenes on the different continents alternate continually, in an asynchronous interplay with the story of Baba, which is visualised in animated scenes.




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