I Killed People

Alice Smid

Switzerland, Liberia 1999, 26 min.

Documentary, Short

Spoken language: English

Subtitles: English

The political situation of Liberia makes it nearly impossible to report on the fate of former child soldiers. An estimated 300,000 children have served in African armies and guerrilla forces during the 1990s. With the support of a local radio station, Swiss director Alice Schmid succeeded in contacting a number of these fighter kids, now in their early twenties. They are clearly heavily traumatized: many of them were forced into the service after having committed gruesome atrocities, such as killing their own parents, while others joined because it seemed the only way out of a life of endless hunger and misery. Subtle interviews give an insight into the present day life of these young men and women, and their timid expectations of a better life to come.



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