Ilmar Raag

Estonia 2007, 99 min.


Spoken language: Estonian

Introvert Joosep is the butt of crude jokes from his classmates who are irritated by his taciturn nature. The only support he has comes from Kaspar, whom he sits next to in class. Anders, the leader of a gang, steps up his behaviour towards both boys, taking things beyond the limits of human dignity. After a particularly repulsive incident, Joosep and Kaspar decide it?s time to take action. Things will never be the same again? The film is divided into seven chapters and takes place in an anonymous Estonian secondary school. This isn?t a sociological probe into the theme of adolescent bullying which might turn violently against the perpetrators, but more a universal reflection on the darker sides of the human soul, often hidden beneath an attractive exterior, ready to provoke an unexpected reaction under excess pressure. The acting performances of the leads, in particular, give the story ? a linear progression where silly pranks develop into a tragic outcome ? a highly credible dimension. (www.kviff.com)




Dutch distribution:

Estonian Film Foundation


World sales:

Nonstop Sales