The Mark of Cain

Marc Munden

United Kingdom 2007, 90 min.


Spoken language: English

Subtitles: English

Opening film The Mark of Cain is a thrilling, realistic war movie about British soldiers who torture Iraqi prisoners. Wayne and Mark are two eighteen-year-old friends who serve in the British army in Iraq in 2003. Their moral declines when their popular captain is killed by a bomb. The suspects are arrested and during an emotionally heated night of questioning, the prisoners are humiliated and severely beaten up. Back in England the boys are full of stories but also dismayed. When pictures of the torture come to daylight unintentionally, Wayne and Mark have to stand trial. Social pressure and feelings of guilt overcome Mark, but Wayne wants to stay faithful to his army. Winner of the Movies that Matter Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2007.



Red Production Company

Dutch distribution:

Beth Jansisnki

World sales:

Paradiso Filmed Entertainment